binary trade center

  1. J

    I know I have been scammed by Binary Trade Center

    I was introduced to Brinary Trade Center back in January. I invested $500 with a $10,000 return. Simple right? I was so so wrong. Now I am fighting just to get my investment. Each time I talk to them there is always some new fee I have to pay. They promise that after I pay each fee I will...
  2. L

    Binary Trade Center is a scam, Refuses to pay back the initial deposit

    Good day Round about November 2016 i received a call from a guy called Ben Harris from "signal binary" (Not sure if this is even a real signal provider or if this was even his real name because all their signals were crap, non went in the money) he told me that in order for me to get their...
  3. A

    Binary Trade Center SCAM doesn't pay my initial deposit!

    Hello, On 01 March 2017, I deposited $300 to And in 3 weeks I have made some profit in this broker. My balance is right now $479 and I wanted to withdraw my initial deposit after I made some profit. I requested withdrawal on 09 March 2017. However, I am still waiting. I...
  4. T

    BTC Binary Trade Center - withdraw issue

    Hello guys! I also have an issue with BTC. As I have opened an account, Danny Reus wanted to share the account. So, we decided to deposit 2.500€ each. After trading for a while he wanted that we deposit another 2.500€. But I did not have the liquidity on time. Then he said he will deposit 5k...
  5. manfred1942

    BTC Binary Trade Center Fraud

    On 3/11/2016 I deposited 250 Euro on my account with BTC. I had Danny Reus on the phone and he began to explain me the platform of BTC. Then he "invited me" to make a first trade, saying it was without risk because he would refund my account if the trade was lost. The trade had volume of 200...
  6. Ali Mohammed

    BTC Binary Trade Center Scam

    I have invested $200 with them since 16 Nov 2016 and they told me that they will trade for me after that start receiving calls from others asking me to invest more and keep calling me I fed up and I ask them to transfer my deposit back as they were not trading and waiting me to fund more so on...
  7. C

    BTC Binary Trade Center Scam

    Hi everyone I just joined in to day.I invested with BTC about 2 months ago.I first signed up with signals binary for the signals.Mike from signals binary told me that BTC is a good company.As soon as I deposited $200 the broker Danny Reus is a smooth talker He asked me for my credit card...