1. V

    Trade deal between EU and UK and its impact on GBPUSD

    Trade Deal between EU and UK is a good news for traders. 2020 has played havoc with the capital as well as the emotions of Forex traders. GBP/USD suffered greatly. Pandemic mercilessly crushed all the hopes of the newbies in forex trading of becoming millionaires. Now the brutal year 2020 is...
  2. fullertonmarkets

    Renewed Brexit Uncertainty Could Resurface

    As UK needs to race for trade deal with EU in next 11 months, short GBP/USD upon any rally. The most important aspect of the general election result is the removal of the Corbyn discount The pound fell last week and is on track for its worst week of the year as traders priced in renewed Brexit...
  3. C

    Brexit Election Variable Leverage Scam - FPMarkets

    In the last three days leading up to the UK General Election I was trading Oil and Eur/USD with your highly recommended broker FPMarkets. I managed to build up my account mainly through trading Brent Oil to around £25,000 see attachment below. Simultaneously I also trade with several other...
  4. S

    Big Week for the GBP

    Thursday’s UK general election is going to be closely watched by investors. If Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are able to secure a majority as polls last week predicted, the Pound exchange rate is likely to rise. Currently, the pound heading towards to 2019’s highs 1.3380 established last March...