1. R

    Problem BroCo account arrested by District judge

    It is an old news already, but I did not see it here yet. Read about the fraud on SEC site: BroCo Investments and Valery Maltsev I expect they will attack the messenger - me, as they are doing very aggressively everywhere else. They also like lengthy "Official Statements" and offer bonuses...
  2. AsstModerator

    Terminated! Broco won't be back.

    Terminated! Broco won't be back., better known as Broco, has had a colorful history. In 2010, the SEC filed charges... Mauritius suspended their license in 2010 and cancelled it in 2011... This morning, I got a link from an FPA member connecting to a post on...
  3. Y

    True Stroy about Broco( a SCAM Broker)

    True Stroy about Broco( a SCAM Broker) Today I will tell a TRUE story about a Scam Broker whose name is Broco。 I opened an account in this broker and Account number is 83772. I deposited 350 USD on 10th May, and I got nealy 5000 USD profit. I wanted to withdraw my profit on 1st June. But...