1. ajbozdar

    Determining Timeframe For Entry

    Greetings, While studying how to use candlesticks with S&R 4 today, I wonder which timeframe it should be to determine an entry point? Let’s assume it might develop an inside down trend. Should I wait for 2-3 4H candles, or let it be 1H / 15M to help me out with entry point? I am also having...
  2. S

    One second charts

    Hi, I'm new here. Was wondering if anybody here knows a site or service that provides one second charts? Thanks
  3. LuckoftheFX

    Trading Ideas

    Hi all Been trading a little while and personally feel it can be quite an isolated pursuit. I think it can be really valuable to get insight and feedback from like minded traders, whether we agree or disagree about what we see on the charts! Hoping to interact and use this thread as a way of...
  4. Jarratt Davis

    Forex Charts For Beginner Traders Welcome to this very short presentation giving you a very basic understanding of Forex charts. After watching this video you will get a good feel for how the market moves and most particularly how professional Forex traders use those price charts...