cold calling

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    Problem - Tintra Group - UK Real Estate Fund

    If you have been cold called by Five Quadrant or or you have responded to one of their marketing ads DO NOT INVEST. The fund is nothing more than a shell meant to fill the pockets of the owner of Dan Johnson and Richard Shearer who runs Tintra Group in Cyprus. The UK company...
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    Problem Jumeirah resources plc

    Jumeirah Resources PLC (ticker code JMR) is a development stage company focused on the acquisition and development of low cost high reward oil and gas prospects with infield drilling for proven potential reserves in the United States and Canada (ALLEGEDLY) Unfortunately, with a very...
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    Has anyone heard of OakFX? I have been cold called and offered this software by a company called Phoenix (Investments) based in Auckland, New Zealand and they are offering a regular income of $1000+ per month from Forex Trading for a cost of NZ$24,700 for the software licence and a minimum...