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  1. Anzo Capital

    Weekly Economic Calendar by Anzo Capital

    Hi traders, This thread is dedicated to the weekly economic calendar from the team at Anzo Capital. Here, we highlight key market news to monitor for the ongoing week. For more details, feel free to hop on over to our economic calendar page. Stay tuned! Anzo Capital A premier destination...
  2. E

    Why Can not open Economic calendar?

    anyone has some issue with me ? I cannot open economic calendar. I use google chrome and already turn off my adblock , already turn off my add on extension. but still cannot open. I already use another browser like mozila firefox or...
  3. zebrafx

    5 top economic news that affect the USD rate

    If you are trading any currency pair that is combined with the dollar, such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, or GBP/USD, it’s important to know which economic announcements influence this currency. Not knowing when an announcement is coming out or its implications can catch many traders by surprise. Below...