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    Fueron mis primeros, asesores financieros, brokers. Se encargaban de "perder el dinero". Me engañaban y forzaban a hacer ingresos, por obligación.
  2. P

    Etfinance broker stole my money

    I have lost almost 74k euro with trades I was recommended and lead into by my account manager, with the knowledge that I was not an experienced trader. Repeatedly called by the account manager and persuaded to deposit more funds to trade and recover my losses.. convinced to open a professional...
  3. cormack12 scam - some help?

    Hi, I opened an account through this broker and my experience is similar to the reviewer CKOne on the reviews page here: I was duped into making a lot of small transactions against the .m! markets to have enough trades...
  4. RickMTB

    ETFinance - RESOLVED

    Around a week and a half ago I saw an advert for forex and decided to look into it further, which led to me opening a trading account with a broker (ETFinance: in Cyprus. I deposited £250 and started watching videos etc and I was getting contacted by one of ETFinances agents...
  5. T

    Etfinance stole my money

    Hi, i saw an item on facebook about Daniel Radcliffe (harry potter) talking to Graham Norton about how he is making a lot of money on something called mt 4. Long story short. I signed up to etfinance who are a trading name of Magnum fx (cyprus)on 26th sept 2019 and deposited £200and immedialetly...