1. Bulletproof Traders

    EUR/GBP had been setting up bullish traps

    EUR/GBP had been setting up bullish traps
  2. Bulletproof Traders

    EUR/GBP - Strong indication for a downside flip over

    EUR/GBP - Strong indication for a downside flip over
  3. pezz55

    EURGBP set up ideas and possible trades.

    EURGBP London set up idea With EURGBP dropping down over the last few days we could be seeing a retrace from the bullish move last week back below the 50% area ready to move up again. We have seen the strength in GBP with the interest rate rise pushing this pair back down. I will be looking...
  4. Sive Morten

    Forex EUR/GBP Daily Video, July 21, 2021

    Good morning, Today guys, we take a look at EUR again but vs GBP, as major cross shows interesting scenario on weekly chart:
  5. bigbax699

    EURGBP Short

    Well well well. A look back at EURGBP and i have been saying for a long time this is going down. Initially from the 0.9 area and also since xmas too. Weve been in this small wedge and its ended with a break out below the support area . This gives us a simple rule set for a nice entry for a...
  6. C

    Do You Prefer the Euro or the Pound?

    Today, Thursday 25 July, we get the UK GDP Quarterly and the yearly numbers. It is expected the GDP grew in the last quarter at 0.6% up from the previous estimate of 0.3%. For the yearly comparison, the estimate is up 1.4%, an improvement from the previous increase of 0.3%. If these...
  7. C

    Will the Recession Blight Spread to England Next?

    GBPUSD, EURGBP. This past week it was confirmed that the EU – with two consecutive negative quarterly GDP numbers – officially slipped into a recession. With the Brits' biggest trading block contracting, can the UK economy be far behind? Had it not been for the London Summer Olympics, which...
  8. C

    Buy the Pound, Sell the Euro?

    EURGBP. We had some interesting economic numbers released last week. Perhaps overlooked was the European M3 money supply report. This is the broadest measurement of the money supply and the quarterly and yearly growth numbers were both smaller than expected. The largest deviation from the...