1. sarfarajpatel

    Market Commentary: SELL EURCAD

    SELL EURCAD Entry 1.4348 TP 1.4268 SL 1.4388 Market Commentary: Stop =~ 40 pips Target =~ 80 pips Risk / Reward =~ 2.0 - This is a trade OPPORTUNITY (Some but not all criteria is met) - Based purely on Technical Ananlysis - Entry and Stop may differ from above depending when/if criteria is met...
  2. sarfarajpatel

    EURCAD Short Signal

    Propulsion, Trend continuation... Pending sell limit order: CAD is super strong and EUR is weak. Wait for a 50% pullback, prior support. Nice solid downtrend... Be patient and wait for the trade to come to you. Good job number in Canada, technically and Fundamentally both Strong....wait for a...