europe fx

  1. futurein64

    When dealing with a dodgy broker that has taken your money as an individual is it best to press further or just take what you can get?

    Hello, recently started trading decided to go with a EuropeFX. they assigned me an account manager who was meant to train me how to trade properly but instead would pressure me constantly into adding more money into my account. To keep things short I noticed many red flags while trading with...
  2. A


    Hey guys i am looking for good brokers and i was suggested with these two brokers. Please do give your opinions and who to choose and why.
  3. M

    My problems with EuropeFX

    I started trading with europefx in October 2019 I only wanted to invest £200 the moment I start investing I start receiving calls from my account Manager he was very nice on phone he build trust relationship with me and made me believe him on the phone then he start asking me my...
  4. H

    EuropeFX Scam

    Hi Guys Looks like I have been the target of a scam with EuropeFX, I have been in contact with some companies that offer recovery services but they all need upfront fees paid and I have been wiped out, I am happy to do a percentage of recovered funds as fees but no one seems to do this only...
  5. MiliC8

    Resolved - Regulated broker scams £7000+

    I had deposited in total: £11,500 and withdrawn £2.400 in my account no: 6271941 which was held approximately for 9 - 10 months during 2017 - 2018. Withdrawals were easily accessed and prompt. Support for closing trades manually for end of contract assets i.e. CL were efficient...