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  1. ExnessOfficial

    Week 8 data: Gold and GBPUSD. What’s in it for the short-term outlook?

    This preview of weekly data looks at XAUUSD and GBPUSD where economic data coming up later this week are the main drivers in the markets for the near short-term outlook. The most important economic data for this week are: Tuesday: RBA meeting minutes at 12:30 AM GMT are anticipated by the...
  2. alireza.m2005

    Problem Vantage FX Signals

    After a lot of advertising on their telegram channel for Forex trade. First, I deposited some Tether as an investment plan for trade instead me. After a month, they announced that your profit is $ 15,420 and you have to pay 10% as a commission and fees to withdrawal the money. I deposited...