fake fees

  1. DeLoDeLo


    Dingtian trading company International is a scam and will not let you withdraw your funds. dtnet3650.com They have a reasonable website and a 24/7 “customer service” but when you try to withdraw funds, they will demand you pay them a percentage of your funds In order to access your own money...
  2. P

    Confirm Company - https://www.tomaha-markets.com/

    Hello, I just wanted to confirm or if anyone has dealt with this Company. They are asking a 20% Tax Payment before I withdraw. Any Help would Be Appreciated. tomaha-markets.com
  3. James152345

    Tomahawk finance MT5 Is a big liar and needs taxes

    I met an Asian woman who called herself Singapore on Tinder. Because of the same interests and hobbies, we quickly started talking. About seven or eight days later, this Asian woman like me proposed to Tomahawk finance co. ltd MT5. I made an investment on a foreign exchange platform. I deposited...
  4. A

    Scammed by a company called IPCForex.com (trader.ipcforex.com, International Pacific Capital Limited)

    I invested into Forex for the first time last month using MT5, made a little bit of money, and when I went to withdraw my money, because it was just over 10,000USD, it triggered some "advanced certification" feature. ipcforex.com (might have to type in trader.ipcforex.com) said that I had to...
  5. E

    Problem Diamondoptions.net issues

    In June, while on Facebook I happened to meet a con woman, Fransica Coleman who promised to be my account manager, but forwarded me to diamondoptions.net like that is where I will always monitor my trade for 6 days, I had invested with them $50 promising a profit up to $550,she had to over trade...