1. Bulletproof Traders

    The Real Fibonacci Ratio No One Talks About

    The Real Fibonacci Ratio No One Talks About
  2. RogerTC

    ‍☠️ Jolly Roger Analysis Jolly Roger Signals Bay

    Hi Traders, I never thought I would start a thread in Forex Peace Army but you never know where life is going to take you. I started trading 12 years ago. Like many others I spent thousands of hours researching every possible system, method, indicator/expert in the market. I was reading...
  3. Jarratt Davis

    Fibonacci Extensions Welcome to this very short presentation on Fibonacci Extensions. Now, you've probably heard of the Fibonacci tool. We done an earlier video on what the Fibonacci Retracements (watch it here) are but we just do a quick refresher in this video to help...