firman emen aluwi

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    a guy named DJOHAN DARMADY is the actual guy behind PT. JIREH TRILLIONS BERJANGKA. The scam broker now running in Malaysia. giving ROI 3-5% of interest a month. saying that a fund manager is trading it and split the profit 50-%) Jireh is not an authorized forex broker in Indonesia and should be...
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    scammer named Ernest Lee (Lee Kai Earn)

    Ernest Lee or real name Lee Kai Earn, ex MPA people under Gavin Chew and Ranson Chi is doing a new forex scam in Penang, Sabah and Serawak under the indonesian broker Jireh Trillions Berjangka., they are operating under the story that they had a fund manager trading for them and will do a...
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    Firman Emen Aluwi

    FIRMAN EMEN ALUWI, ex MPA person who was introduced as link between MPA clients and Brokers. Firman is a person in shadows that does all the dirty work for Gavin Chew and Ranson Chi - any time the need your account to loose few hundred or thousand dollars Firman (owner of meta quotes server)...