Fx Discounts and Rebates Game-Changing NEWS: FTMO and best Top Prop Firms Eliminate Time Limit for Traders!

    From now on, all new FTMO Challenges and Verifications have an unlimited Trading Period, the 30-day and 60-day periods are gone. This has been a heavily requested change and therefore, we are sure that your clients will be eager to hear about it. Moreover, the release of this exciting news is...
  2. abdullahbt

    Can a broker manipulate the amount in MT4? For example, the real investment amount is $5K but the broker shows $25K in the account.

    Actually, I have seen many Forex proprietary firms offering access to $25K fund and charging $150 per month. If you pay $150, they will give you access to MT4 $25K real account. But they will allow you to lose highest $2500. If you lose $2500, you are out of the game. So, I think in the back...