1. M

    Prop Firms

    For awhile we just had a few prop firms. Then we got TopStepFX, Maverick, and FTMO for a few years there. Lately, we've had a wave of new Prop Firms popping up including MyForex Funds, FMS Traders, Funding Talent, TCF, Bouy Trade... Well the list goes on honestly! Some of these prop firms...
  2. F

    Prop Firms - UK Law Question

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, just a quick question about prop firms such as FTMO, The5ers, BlueFX etc... Do you need a UK FCA licence to trade for them? you are trading their cash so surely you would?
  3. abdullahbt

    Can a broker manipulate the amount in MT4? For example, the real investment amount is $5K but the broker shows $25K in the account.

    Actually, I have seen many Forex proprietary firms offering access to $25K fund and charging $150 per month. If you pay $150, they will give you access to MT4 $25K real account. But they will allow you to lose highest $2500. If you lose $2500, you are out of the game. So, I think in the back...
  4. A

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