forex trade 1

  1. J

    Avoid Forex Trade 1

    Been scammed by these people. Paid a $1,600 "profit sharing fee" and had a $1000 account. They have been trading this account since January 2021 and have blown it making absolutely no profit and are now refusing to return the money. I believe they just stuck a martingale bot on the account which...
  2. N

    Problem Forextrade1 signal service scam

    I am cilent of forextrade copytrade service CRN fv1522 .and paid 4000usd advance profit and invest 2500usd in xm broker and now your company lost all investment and no one answering now? I want refund my advance profit? Do not invest with them through telegram service and Instagram YouTube channel
  3. blkstxne

    Forextrade1 is a SCAM signal provider

    I paid $500 for their service For the past two months I have received the most absurd signals. The limit orders are never triggered and they often hit Stoploss. I have lost a lot of money trading their signals. When complaining about their bad signals they say I need to to upgrade my package...