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    Fortress Fund and Knight Capital ARE SCAM AND I HAVE PROOF

    Its definitely a SCAM and I'm one of the victims. Unfortunately I signed up, though luckily with minimum $3000 account in October 2015, before I reviewed the scam forum here. From account balance last night of $3989 and floating profit of $7000 with total equity of $10000+ they patiently waited...
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    Knight Capital Markets & Fortress Fund (Warning)

    REVIEW MODERATION TEAM NOTE: (2015-12-07). Since this thread started out more as a question than an accusation, it is being moved to the Has Anyone Heard Of? folder. If anyone does have direct issues with Knight Capital Markets or Fortress Fund, please start a thread in Scam Alerts. I was...
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    Fortress Fund & Knight Capital

    I opened an account with Knight Capital on Oktober 2015 and funded 1000 USD. The profits were good. But since 16 th Nov i try to get my money back. Here the hole story: Fortress Fund told me that: We are very happy to confirm the arrival of your funding deposit. However, it does not satisfy...
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    Resolved - Issue with Fortress Fund Money Manager & Knight Capital Forex Brokerage

    Dear All I recently opened an account with Knight Capital and opted for Fortress Fund Money Manager to manage my trades. Immediately after funding I felt it would be better to do the trading on my own. However after I funded my account the trader opened 4 positions 2 EURUSD and 2 USDCAD (Buy &...