1. ManzilFX

    G7FX NV £3K Mentorship exposed as another Scam to make more money

    If you haven't seen my review on G7FX, please check it out here. Proven NV and G7FX as a scammer with evidence - https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/g7fx-nv-nirav-neerav-vadera-exposed-as-a-scammer-fake-guru.69009/ Please also check out reviews by BennyFlippin and Kevmc on FPA...
  2. Constantino

    G7FX Nirav NV Scammer

    Having tested with my team hundreds of forex services we have come to discover the typical myfxbook deceptive tactic where one trades dozens of accounts, most of them blow, then the scammer chooses the best performing account to upload on myfxbook and lure naive people in their service. Since...