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    GUILTY Case# 2017-047 | collin1 vs gkfx.co.uk

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: gkfx My Case is: I have used gkfx for quite a while. actually back a few years ago i lost a lot of money trading eur/aud around -40k loss. I was quite shocked but okay perhaps it was my fault. but recently they held a...
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    Fraude a Trabajadores de GKFX America Latina

    Fraude a Trabajadores de GKFX America Latina Estimados, Mi nombre es Guillermo Borzacchini y el mes pasado era el Sales Manager de GKFX en Chile. Todo iba bien al parecer, pero hubo cambios en las jefaturas y decidieron cerrar sin explicación real, las oficinas en Chile. Ya lo habian...
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    Claim to broker GKFX

    Hi, I'm living in Spain, and I've had a lot of issues with this broker: GKFX, that has its central headquarters in London, UK. So, I went first to the regulator here in Spain, is called CNMV, but the last word is in UK, of the FPA.. So, I don't know if it's better to claim directly to FPA.. In...