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    David Hick Global FX failed to return 2/3 of my account

    In December 2012 I gave notice to David Hick I required 2/3 of my account returned. I subsequently requested 1/6th of my account be returned to me for the next 4 months. I should have received monthly returns. David Hick failed to make any payment. David Hick then promised me payment in July...
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    David Hick and GlobalFx Management Trading Ltd.

    Anyone interested in David Hick or his company can visit a new (October 20140) website dedicated to informing the public on this subject. Topics include recent history and news, and a number of client experiences. Go to or We hope this is helpful.
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    Unable to contact David Hick of Global FX

    Has anyone been able to contact David Hick of Global FX. Global FX Website has been down for quite a few days and I can no longer Contact David Hick on SKYPE. After some technical issues Global FX is now back again