1. bergfrieden

    GTOptions forced trades and lost 5000 USD in a few hours

    The trader Peter Stevens(?) from GTOptions forced trading with BO for some hours in a way I absolutely not agreed with my understanding about risk management. Several time I insisted to trade with much less risk an trade in a way I will earn money with a time frame about several months, not...
  2. A

    GTOptions cheated on me! They won't return my money back.

    Last Thursday (June 2nd 2016) I wanted to invest $250USD in binary options to give them a try. When I was contacted by ANGEL MORALES from that company he told me that I could be promoted to silver level and they will give me a bonus. He never told me that my credit card would be charged. He...
  3. N

    GT Options lost my investment and refuses to give back the money.

    Last summer July 2015 I made a total deposit of €6000 with GP options to get a personalised Broker that would apparently give me live through the phone on which trades to make to maximize profits as much as possible. I was advised to deposit at least €3000 initially as this type of personalised...
  4. Brigitte Wilke

    GTOptions - Misrepresentation, no service, no product. Anyone else?

    I have a 21 page document that outlines problems with GTOptions. In short, there is zero accountability with this organization nor do they want to make any attempt to do what they say or make things right. I have tried over and over again with these people to get some service/call backs/help...
  5. dbroderick

    GT Options - Appmobilebot Binary Options Scam

    I received an email promoting the use of an Expert Adviser [EA] or robot, as some like to call them, called The Appmobilebot, apparently developed by Gunnar Erikkson team. "The boys from Cupertino are making insane money! Did you know that Apple is the world's biggest company? Yes, Apple...
  6. E

    GT Options Scam

    The advisor, Williams VanDijk constantly pesters you by telling you he will help you make money as he has 15 years of experience and never loses. I took his advice one evening on trades following his directions. He had me enter several call trades but immediately had me offset those trades...
  7. M

    Slowest withdrawal process ever - gtoptions

    If you ever consider joining gtoptions don't. You will have major problems recieving money that you want withdrawaled.They will change their story and make excuse upon excuse.
  8. S

    GTOPTIONS scammers!!!

    Please be aware of this company, I've been a victim of this so called GTOPTIONS Binary Traders, they won't give you your earnings back will hold your money, and will tell you that they already sent it to you, and that maybe your bank is holding the money, lies, lies, every day is a different...
  9. G

    SPAM for

    In Forex Trading there is no such strategy to learn, one must have to make his own strategy. For that you must have knowledge related to the latest market trends. Binary Option Broker
  10. A


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