ig markets

  1. kseniyashoes

    IG stole my money!!!

    IG has stolen money my account is DW6VV i had deposit 2500$ and i earned 2359$ profit at first they did not return my money, so i sent around 15 withdrawal requests and after those 15 requests- they cancelled my profit!!! now they send to me some messages about breaking the agreement, but when...
  2. W

    IG.Markets SCAM !! MT4 Platform Blocking me from exiting/closing trades/ IG USING MT4 REQUOTE PLUGIN TO CHEAT CLIENTS

    MT4 platform continues to block me from exiting trades. The same thing happened 2 weeks ago where I contacted IG support to tell them to start messing around with the platform and allow me to close my positions. On Tuesday I was completely blocked from exiting any positions clicking the x sign...
  3. L

    Are you or the ones you know affected by IG Markets?

    Hi all, Kindly go through to see whether you are affected and please inform those who you think that they are affected. Thank You. I have recently started a petition against the unfair practices and trading systems of IG Markets Ltd on Attn: Investor Trader of Contract for Differences...