1. B

    They scammed me $ 5000.00 on my account CRM jitakcl - tateprime.com

    crm.jitakcl hanno cambiato l'azienda in Tate Prime (tateprime.com) e il sito Web è la stessa identica replica di IC Market (icmarkets.com/sc/en). Non si preoccupano nemmeno di cambiarlo un po '. Si prega di segnalarlo a HK SFC e di inserirli nella lista nera di tale società per evitare che...
  2. S

    JITAKCL.COM watch out!

    About the same story with a chinese girl pushed me to trade and gain money because her uncle know how to do that. Lost lots of money. Everyone being scammed must report this to the hongkong police, online at www.hongkong.gov.com. cyber crime. I have talked to them. They are going to investigate...
  3. J

    Jitak Capital Limited - Scam

    On 28/01/2020, I got approach by a lady called Alice (or 苏娜 in Chinese) on WeChat (then WhatsApp later) from China and living in Hong-Kong. She said she's making a lot of money on the Forex market because her uncle works at the trade exchange in Hong Kong and can predict money exchange...
  4. AlexC

    Jitak not returning my funds

    I have tried forex with JITAK 2 to 3 months back and when I tried to withdrew a part of the funds (1700USD), they replied they required the withdrawal of 10000USD in order for a smooth withdrawal, any amounts lesser than that will need a special permission (I only have 7000USD in the account)...