knight service group

  1. P

    Scammed by Knight Service Group for US $1.44M

    Hi, I was scammed by Knight Service Group for US $1.44M. I live in the US. I was lured by a supposedly single mom named Nancy, who I met on a dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel. She immediately wanted to chat on WhatsApp. She claimed to be a partner at a fashion company which did work for H&M...
  2. J

    KSG - Knight Service Group

    Please stay away from this broker. They are scammers. And I am one of the victims. I will share my experience here. And I am sharing the feedback from other victims as well. How they approach victims? They will approach the victims through social platforms (e.g. Tinder, China Cupid, Facebook...
  3. Sexton

    Scam Brokers on MT5

    My 'New Trading Friend' got me interested in MT5 - connected to this Broker;- Who have now been flagged as scammers. A couple of weeks ago, the "MT5 Hong Kong Office - Customer Support Team" communicating via WhatsApp (number supplied by my lovely 'Trading Friend' (+852 5396 9837), told me...