1. larrysimmons

    Lost Monies to Libramarket.

    This broker deceived and fooled me twice, I have sent a total of 150,000 EUR to these people since November 2019. I made all payments through bitstamp, contacted bitstamp but never got replies from them. These were the names of the broker agent that contacted me Alexandra Marteen and David...
  2. D

    I've been scammed by 'Michael Davis' -

    I received a phone call from Michael Davis (might not be his real name) who said he worked for Libra Markets (L.M.) recovery and he was recovering and paying back people like myself who had opened a trading account with L.M. He told me due to regulations within L.M. they were closing the...
  3. P SCAM

    I invested money in Libramarkets. I invested around 65,000 euros. They traded instead me, and they told me that they know what are doing, and after that I wanted to withdrawal my money they asked me to deposit more money and after that they will proceed my withdrawal request. When I did not...