liquidity provider

  1. sigitpambudi144

    A lot of Forex Broker SCAM?? Trading in Liquidity Provider could be Alternative ??

    Does trading forex that really safe for big equity just in LP ? Because sorry i always see that broker has bad review even good broker IMO ...
  2. A

    Things TO Keep In Mind While Choosing A Good Liquidity Provider

    Liquidity is the common term used in the Financial market. We all know that in the Forex industry Liquidity is the prime thing to be concerned about as more deep liquidity is more efficient your transactions will be and you will be one among the top brokers. Lets here discuss some of the...
  3. sixa

    FX OPEN - The infamous Liquidity Provider - Trades opened 10 Pips below Market Prize

    OK. Things have changed. FX OPEN had a problem with their Liquidity Provider and this caused my open trades to be 625 USD in the loss. After sending emails back and forth, FX Open refunded my account with 300$. Now 2 Weeks later FX Open c hose to refund the for me missing 325 USD also, as "a...