1. marape


    This guys are the sweetest crooks i have ever dealt with, deposited 250usd and later i wanted to withdraw it but till today there is nothing from them, they even blocked me in live chat. everytime they will give you an excuse as to why there is a delay in my withdrawal request. i dont know what...
  2. D

    MlnFX Scam

    Hi guys and girls, The only reason I created an account was to try and help others not get bitten by MlnFx (Millennium-FX). I created an trading account with this company in November 2018 by depositing 250usd by credit card. After a few days trading I get a call form portfolio manger telling...
  3. H

    Millennium FX , they don’t want to give back money

    I started trading with mlnfx for 2 days, and then my girlfriend doesn’t want me to risk my money, she asked me to withdraw and stop trading. I sent an email to my portfolio manager to say apologize and asked for withdrawal, he didn’t reply my email and my withdrawal request has been ignored for...
  4. C

    Millenium FX,

    Have spent over a month getting the run around from Millennium FX after trying to withdraw profits. This is a long story but the relationship has been only a few months since early December. They have had deposits up to $20000 USD, from our little family bank. While personal contact has been...
  5. B

    millennium fx

    hi guys I am new here and looking for advice. I have recently been involved with millennium fx and was talked into investing 32000 with them under the understanding that my broker could use my savings (32000) on 4 risk free trades. I would then withdraw the initial deposit and we would continue...
  6. Pooyan

    Resolved: Millennium fx

    On 22 december 2017, i created a account in MLNFX and on 17 January 2018 i request withdrawal and the company stated that it will process my withdrawal within 5 working day but unfortunately it's not and they assign a porfolio manager to discuss with me and ask me to top up the money and they...