احتيال ونصب بطريقه غير شرعيه من قبل منصة اوليمب تريد (Scam and illegal fraud by the Olymp Trade platform)

    إيداع وارباح محققه فوق 91582 قامو بتقييد حسابي الخاص بالتداول لديهم وتم حظره وبعد تقديم شكوى لم يتم انصافي وبعد عمل عكس الإيداعات تم التواصل معي من قبل المنصه ويتم التلاعب حتى يتم سرقتي مره اخرى وضياع حقوقي

    I have a problem with OlympTrade

    مواجهة لعميلة النصب والاحتيال من شركة اوليمب ترايد لتجارة الفوركس وخسارتي تجاوزت 85 الف دولار ولايوجد شفافيه ولانزاهه ولا ينتسب بالمصداقيه والمنظم اللجنة المالية تساندهم في سرقة اموال الناس
  3. Muhd faizal

    Resolved: Olymptrade blocked ask for verification.

    Hi alls friend,what youre doing?,i hope all will be cure and being get far away from covid 19 virus. First of all i have a problem with this broker Olymptrade verification by two weeks ago..its sudden happen when i accidentally formating my phone and all the phone has gone.i have use the 2 fa...
  4. Way2sumitbhutani

    Olymp Trade is Scam # Be Alert

    Dear All, I am Sumit from India, account no. # 54910800 in Olympic trade, when You make new account trades execution will execute good and easily and when you loose money then broker make you in more lose by delaying your trade execution. I crosscheck by making two three new accounts with same...
  5. P

    please help me... olymptrade cheating me about refund my bitcoin

    my account id : 25420045USD.. i'm a member vip at olymptrade. I've already deposit since march using bitcoin about 0.99 btc Olymptrade said that my deposit rejected and bitcoin will refund into my wallet id btc at coinex.com. Until now ( 2 months ), my bitcoin has not come into my wallet btc...
  6. wolfoptions

    Olymptrade no PAY! SCAM - IB

    Olymptrade does not even pay the IB, commission acquired after indicating the broker, invent numerous allegations of fraud, multiple IP. What they did not expect is that I have all the proper data of the users for whom I indicated, registration ID and internal recording of the account in case...
  7. J

    Olymptrade.com scammed me $1324 and Block my trading account

    Olymptrade.com a binary company based in trading forex currency pairs and commodity freezed my trading account,with $1324 in the account.... OLYMPTRADE platform is owned and operated jointly by two separate companies, named as Smartex International Limited and Frandom Holding Ltd. The first...
  8. Charlescorreia78

    Olymp Trade

    I am Charles Correia, a Brazilian citizen that have been trading on Olymp Trader platform (https://olymptrade.com). It is a binary option broker called Smartex International Ltd.: Registration No.: 144540, Registered Address: 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. I know they...
  9. S

    Any issues with Olymptrade

    Hi all I have been trading with olymptrade for 6 months after depositing 500usd and all has been great and I have withdrawn over 6k USD with no issues. My latest request hasn't been approved yet and no one answers there emails or phone Just wondering if anyone else having issues this week...
  10. andylaudj

    Stay Away From olymp trade - Big Scam!!!!!

    尊敬的客户! 我们通知您,目前,我们公司对加强对贸易商遵守规则的控制进行了检查 。在您的帐户检查操作过程中,我们发现违反了第1.8.2条规定交易操作,即: “使用匿名者和其他软件,确保客户的匿名性,隐藏客户设备的真实IP地址”。如果本规则被破坏,本公司有权拒绝进一步服务(提供服务),终止本协议,阻止进一步操作的可能性,不作任何解释。 在这方面,我们通知您,您的帐户被封锁,并扣留资金(不包括您之前已经退款的存款金额)。在5个工作日内已经支付的已付款项的存款金额将退还给您的付款来源。 待支付金额:977美元。...