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    OptionXo Refusal To Pay Since 27November 2014

    Hello, I joined optionxo and made a deposit of $100 which happens to be the minimum deposit on September 7th 2014, i traded for few months and made some profit then decided to withdraw my funds. I requested a withdrawal of $340 dollars in November, $100 refund to my credit card and $240 as...
  2. S

    OptionsXO Brokerage

    I have been having trouble with this broker. Anyone else? I have tried e-mailing their support but I get absolutely no response. Alan
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    Join forces against OptionsXO

    Hello everyone, I have been scammed by OptionsXO few months back and I have my story here in the thread below. I have reached a dead end with my banks. I am looking for other people who have been scammed by optionsXO to join forces together and possibly work with a international lawyer such as...
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    OptionsXO SCAM !!

    I opened account with OptionsXO in Apr 2015 and decided not to operate with them in Nov 2015. As a consequence I requested withdrawal online on 9 Nov 2015. However, they canceled 7 out of 8 withdrawal requests. Guess what happened to the only 1 "successful" withdrawal request? The money $620.00...
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    optionsxo scam alert

    hey guys, first time here and first scam deposited $250 and traded myself up to $7,199.00 (after a $1350,00 refund as broker Peter Shaw traded me down to almost nothing) and tried a $2500 withdrawal and it was denied, Sam Melnik called me to propose a $5000 insured contract as I had the...