1. sks72712

    Problem I also can't withdraw my money from OSMOSISFX.com

    I am also scammed by osmosisFX. Friday(08/28/2023) I noticed my access was not working in osmosisFX website, and I got panicked. I reached out to Melanie(+1 631-437-9339) who was so called agent for us, she didn't respond f. I understood that I am scammed and starting searching about this...
  2. ForexTrdr

    Problem I can't withdraw my money from OSMOSISFX.com

    I started trading with OSMOSISFX.com on 5/12/2023 and made total of $438K + investment on dirrerent dates. Investement date 1: 5/12/2023 Investement date 2: 5/21/2023 Investement date 3: 5/26/2023 Investement date 4: 6/08/2023 Last Investement date : 6/21/2023 I tried to withdraw money on...