private fx

  1. P is scam

    I have had an account with for a while. On August 22th I decided to withdraw my funds. Nothing has happened for weeks. I have then sent several emails to them, but they all came back with the general message saying wait for my withdrawal to be processed. They have never processed...
  2. P is scam owes me 2117USD that they never paid out. I don't get anyone on customer chat nor I get answer to emails. I have been waiting for more then a month for the payment.
  3. J

    Private FX Club Website Dead

    I have been with PrivateFX-Club for 6 months (had $2000 in) and it has been earning small but steady amounts - about 6% and I have logged on regularly to check it, emails all replied to etc, but now the website seems dead and has been timing out going to the login page for...
  4. V is scam and HYIP is scam and HYIP. It is former FX trend. They had not existed over-profitable traders. They have its forum and they ban everybody and everything bad about privatefx. So be carefull. it is one more scam from mmgp with its scam projects.