1. S

    s2trade.com is another SCAM by GTech / MIG / Blackrock

    They stole money from my beloved mother - who did nothing to deserve it, so now I want the world to know!! It is the same as these other brands/sites: S2Trade Royal Capital Glenmore NRG BinaryUno Tor Options Trade FW Credit Cube Loan Site - https://creditcube.com/ Here is an article that...
  2. zigzag.norway

    S2Trade scam

    Hi everybody. Yesterday, 11.febr.2018 S2Trade forex trading broker just stole from my trading account more then 44.500 USD, with no explanation, nobody pick up a phone and no answer to my e-mail. My trading account was shut down, becouse I was in the middle of the trade, suddenly without enough...