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    Horrible experience with Teletrade

    Hi Guys, I had the worse most horrible experience with Teletrade, I am going to sue them. I deposited 500,000$ from May and septembre 2017, My balance became 465,000$ I withdraw all my money from them. they left me waiting 12 days. asking for source of funds, and paper from police that i am...
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    Resolved - Teletrade cyprus Stole my 5000 Usd

    Dear FPA, on may 7 2017, I opened account with 5000 usd using a local(kenyan) fund manager. He basically filled in all the forms for me and set up the account as his. All I did was wire the money. Two weeks later, Teletrade came to my country for a crusade to recruite more Gullible Africans...