telegram scam

  1. BigFX1

    FBA Investments: BABACAR J. DIOP IS A SCAMMER!!!

    BABACAR J. DIOP IS A MASSIVE SCAMMER RUNNING FBA INVESTMENTS!!! He is currently running this telegram called “FBA Investments” and has scammed me for over $15,000 for his BLOOM Capital and I can’t believe we agreed to this and I was so ignorant to not see the signs that he has scammed many...
  2. E

    Binary options investment scam on telegram

    Hello.. I have been scammed today on telegram by Ralph Gellert.. @winningoptionsignals I invested my school fees my mother struggled to get the money and I foolishly got scammed $75 I want to commit suicide my mother will be sad because I will drop out of school I don't know what to do ...
  3. willgram

    Oscar Johann Perez of Fx Dynasty Capital: BIG TELEGRAM SCAMMER ALERT !! FROM FLORIDA MIAMI

    Hello everyone. I have never been in my life been scammed and met someone who is a big liar pretending a good person violating the law of the United States of America about scam business on the internet. FBI must start doing an investigation about this Oscar Johann Perez on Telegram with the...
  4. T

    Xm Management Fraud channel on telegram

    Their is a channel on telegram by the name XM Management. They theyvare associated with xm broker its all a lie to trap people. They burn my 2000usd account in 1 hour. Denis raymond is a gambling trader he traded full margin on my account and burned it in one hour. Stay away from the scammer...
  5. V

    Forex EA scam on Telegram

    helo, I would like to warn traders who are planning to buy EA from one guy named Anthony. He is selling PARDISEROBOTS...I paid him USD150 for the and his screenshots show big profit and he promised me so and also promised supports for the EA. The EA went bust after few days and my account went...
  6. D

    has anyone heard of forex signal factory on telegram ?

    ram sharma on paypal, cost around 500 $ for a 6 month subscription when i paid start being dodgy about superior signal not included in subscription, i included the logo would like to know if it's a scam thank you .
  7. asrclub

    copy trade binary scam group on telegram

    hello i get scammed by this group they was over invest money and after pay no thing they was offer iqoption service then they change for copy trade binary .com the scam who deal with me @iqoptionsignaladmin2 please take care they are take money and ask...
  8. FxMaster

    Important notice for Telegram Victims

    Everyone who got scammed by telegram pages, make sure to report the scams to Telegram, You can contact the Telegram and ask them to take action or remove those scammers from Telegram. Also, don't forget to lodge a report to the regulators in your own countries, and the regulators in any country...
  9. T

    Be aware of these SCAMS on telegram

    Hi Friends, I am scammed by below persons on telegram so wanted to advise you all that do not do anything with these persons: 1) Queen Veronica - @FX_Club OR _Forex Queens Club_ : Selling EA for a higher price around $400, which works for a couple of months and suddenly can stop any time after...