telegram scam

  1. S

    Trusted American Signals

    Trusted American Signals total scammers .Don´t send any money to them. They scam people in telegram .
  2. IncognitoFX

    Grando pip | Telegram SCAM ALERT | Theft and fraud

    Today I would like to introduce you to another Telegram scam channel: Grando pip Admin: Periodically, the channel offers VIP membership: or After paying you will simply be ignored -> there is no VIP channel ! DO NOT TRUST see also here...
  3. IncognitoFX

    FX Enablers | Telegram SCAM ALERT | Theft and fraud

    Today I would like to introduce you to another Telegram scam channel: FX Enablers FxEnablers (VIP) FxEnablers (Gold VIP) FxEnablers Crypto VIP Admin @FxEnablersadmin Those Telegram channels send copied signals from other channels. The operators of the original signal channels are informed...
  4. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Forex Analysis | IWIN

    He is a PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER!!!! Website is a scam too!!!! DO NOT BUY. WON'T MAKE PROFIT OVER TIME
  5. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Authentic FX | Academy

    He is a SCAMMER!!! He is a PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER.....Save your money and stay away! His website is a scam too!!!
  6. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Trading Theory™

    Trading Theory™ is a SCAMMER!!! He steals signals and doesn't know what he is doing.....DO NOT BUY!!!!
  7. Peter Duncan


    UNDERGROUND U/G GOLD PREMIUM is a scammer!!!!! He steals signals from V75, Gold, and exotic channels. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Legend fx signals

    Legend fx signals is a SCAMMER!!!! His signals are stolen. DO NOT BUY!!!......See his link below
  9. IncognitoFX


    Be warned of the activities of the Telegram channel "GOLD US30 OIL SIGNALS". In the channel free signals are offered, but also an investment plan. Do not invest, you will never see the money again. Admin: @nasdaqslayer After the amount has been transferred, you will...
  10. TheOlTradingNiteJo47

    Scammer alert! Telegram Scam: The TradingPlanTM Username:@verysmalllots

    Id like to file a recovery complaint against this user. i asked him to guarantee the funds in the account if he lost them with his trading. He decided to delete the message when one of his trades went sour right as there was a speech from an american official, which put my forex account into the...
  11. Scam Reporters

    Scam recovery alert: Blockchain-Chargeback

    Just few days ago, the world got richer with yet another recovery scam, using old boiler room cold calling lists, however this list is apparently with correct data on victims who lost quite a lot of money. Website is just registered: and it looks like this: WhoisGuard, Inc. Panama as...
  12. Alika3d

    Super Signal Indicator is a scammer

    Telegram channel: Super Signal Indicator @supersignalinticator Id: @pro_traders1 Name: Kelvin Toyo Email: Skrill id: This guy is a scammer. He is selling an indicator worth $50 and he wil take your money and then send you some random indicator. He has been...
  13. emsios

    Premium Forex 100 Channel in Telegram

    Is this legit? PremiumForex, [22.09.20 20:28] PROMO!!! TAKE THE DECISION NOW & SMILE FOREVER! Trade with us 24/7 INVEST $50 GET $1050 INVEST $100 GET $2100 INVEST $200 GET $4200 INVEST $300 GET $6300 INVEST $400 GET $8400 INVEST $500 GET $10000 RECIEVE PROFIT IN 6HOURS PAYMENT VIA...
  14. W

    Scammer by the name volatility master

    He is a big scammer. His channel name is volatility trading ( @volatilitytradings) telegram. His telegram Id is @forex_knights by the name volatility master. He poses himself as a success trader and account manager. He blown my 3000$ ac in same day. Do not get into his trap. I'm attaching screen...
  15. M

    Admire Traders on Telegram scam

    First post. A heads up on a Telegram signals group called "Admire Trader's" - link They have the above public group, and 2 private subscription signal groups - "Admire Paid (long term)" and "Admire Paid (Short term)". They offer potential customers...
  16. 3


    Scam alert! TRUST CAPITAL INVESTMENT Lucss_henry_fx Just got scammed by their telegram channel, time 150 from me as Forex trading, after 30 minutes asking me for another 150 usd, when i asked for refund he refused. ------------------ Senior account manager on trust capital investment. Trade...
  17. ttshah555

    Got Scammed by company Day Traders

    Hi, I just scammed on telegram group by a person with ID @its_jackson. Before getting trapped i tried to find about him on internet but nothing appeared. Reporting here so that others can avoid. He attract people by showing them testimonials of existing customer and ask new customers to invest...
  18. J

    Momentum Money Team

    DO NOT sign up with Momentum Money Team, they are scammers, you sign up on telegram and they make you pay 1000 USD for fraud signals, I personally know one of the individuals running it, and he is no good. Please everyone do not trust them and report if you can.
  19. naser_mohammad

    PAFX Trade, Scammed Trade Signals on Telegram

    I have been subscribed recently with PAFX Trade signal on Telegram. But their signals are in loss most of time. Huge number of subscribers are with them but I did not know if they were scammed like me by their lossy signals. Hope every body who has experience with them or similar to discuss...
  20. J


    Hello guys, please be aware and don't make a mistake by investing with Market Makers Insider with two account managers James Shipton and Solomon Octavius, it would be also great if many of you will report on telegram their channel. I invested 500 $ and then after some weeks wanted to withdraw...