1. R

    TenkoFX shutting down??

    Hi, I tried to issue a withdrawal since 7 January 2016 but no response from TenkoFX. I tried to contact them via tickets, LiveChat (Always Offline), Email and Phone (No one answer). It's not just me that TenkoFX try to ignore our withdrawal request. My friends (300 of them) are using TenkoFX...
  2. Max Vladov

    Forex Blogs TenkoFX representative blog by Max Vladov

    Hi all, My name is Max Vladov. I hold vice president position in TenkoFX. I will be managing UNOFFICIAL public communication on FPA. Why unofficial? Because, some of my comments might sound unpleasant, unethical, intolerant or harsh. I can assure you, though, that they will be much more...
  3. P

    RESOLVED - Tenkofx scammed me

    This is about 2 trades: 1. Tenkofx has change close price of my profit trade to price that has never happen it that day. They change close price to open price and delete my profit on this trade. They told me that they have to make this trade invalid (after 4 days since it was opened) because...
  4. S

    fake spikes by TENKOFX

    hi my name is babalola rotimi i have been trading wit TENKOfx for sometime now, and bellieve me when i say these guys have the worst trading conditions you could ever pray against as a trader.First they have a massive slippage issues and continue to claim that its market execution , i continue...
  5. A

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