1. R

    trade vantage - software by dustin pass - big scam!

    trade vantage 1.0 software is completly useless, big rubbish! last week i traded live all signals, big losses! this week so far the same... why? cause signals repaint each day, even more within a day!! look at the signals attached. stay away and save $ 1997,- for this scam...
  2. BigT1

    TradeVantage from Dustin Pass

    Please refer to my post on the discussion thread, the FPA Title is mispelled as Trade-Vantage. I am Anthony Ingrassia, NFA registered CTA ID#: 0278164. skype anthony.ingrassia Northport, NY USA. I am attaching our test account results, the support chat transcript, the support email chain...
  3. R

    Trade Vantage just another scam

    Hi I have been a bloody fool and bought trade Vantage the first day I was unable to load it so I contacted support and infact I was quiet impressed at first The chap known to me as tech 9 asked permission to remote access my computer to assist with the loading of the software. After...
  4. J

    malevolent software. Tradevantage

    down loadind Tradevantage software. norton rejected it as malevolent. shine on FPA.