ubo capital

  1. maduet

    UBOCapital - beware !

    I opened an account with UBOCapital in December 2015 with a small amount to start off with ($300) - just to see how things go. My account manager (Richard Edison) promised to manage my account and trade for me. It started off well and he brought my account up to $365 within a couple of weeks...
  2. R

    UboCapital Binart Trading

    Hi every one I have a problem and would like to hear from anyone who has had dealing with UboCapital ( I`m not sure If I can put my e.mail here ) but will put it at the bottom anyway To start last November I got an e.mail that was about an auto trading software that was going to make me lots of...
  3. D

    UBO capital

    Why capital is the company that call me in my English telephone and promised to me profits I deposited 11.000£ after they ignored me.After I try to charge back my bank and the company did not give any pound back my bank also Lloyd's not give me their deposit account and they said is secret but...