1. R

    Fx Discounts and Rebates FAKE $100 No Deposit Bonus At Vomma.org (VOMIT for VOMMA!)

    Vomma.org is Russian and seems to have a good reputation. They are now offering a FAKE $100 no deposit bonus for new accounts. I think I'll give it a try. Why not you? Here's the link: vomma.org/en/promo/ecnnodep It's not $100. It's $1 on a cent account, so looks like $100 in your account...
  2. klone

    Vomma.org paid me $1 to spam, but I am stupid enough to think it's $100.

    Save the stress! get free USD100 to trade when you sign up on vomma.org/en/promo/ecnnodep. Balance is available for withdrawal anytime. no strict bonus condition. Spam Cat is sad you sold yourself for $1. That's right. The $100 you think you'll be getting for making a positive post is really...
  3. S

    Vomma.org cheated me twice

    Vomma.org site under the name of VOMMA LIMITED, they cheated me two time by offering their $600 no deposit bonus and $10 repost bonus, 1.$600 No deposit bonus promotion- after proofs approved i request that $600 no deposit bonus, they credit the same with login details of mt4, and in their...