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    Yadix of Belize and its regulatory IFSC are all scams and anti-investors

    Beware of a huge scam of Yadix of Belize governed by equally anti-investor IFSC!! Yadix presents its managed account with partial performance report, which I suspected was truncated only on the portion that had profits and those reports were never up-to-date! I entered the program as an...
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    Yadix took away ~24500€ of my profits

    HOW I WAS SCAMMED BY YADIX FOR ~24500€ of profits Hello, I am writing this piece because I was scammed by a forex broker called Yadix, which is a white label brokerage of Gallant Capital Markets Ltd. and it is regulated by the FSC, license#: SIBA/L/11/0964 (the license was issued to...