1. bishara89

    YESFX LTD SCAM ? 99.9% YES

    Hello Everyone, I am an FX trader for over 6 years and YESFX LTD i can assure you guys they are 99.9% Scam. YESFX LTD SCAM. Please be aware of this firm and they have a very bad communication that they won`t even talk or discuss about the First Fee of 1,450 Euro. Their Manager Mr. Kyriakos...
  2. R

    What is it like to be YESFX junior trader?

    Hello fellow traders, First of all let me introduce myself a bit. I`ve been involved with FX market and trading since 2006. From this point on I`ve learnt and used very different strategies/approaches for trading. I have done mainly medium-term as well as short-term trading. Trading has never...