18 January 2012 - FOREX Profit-Making Program (NYC - Financial District)


In the midst of an unprecedented global debt crisis, traditional investment vehicles have become both unpredictable and disappointing. The average common stock portfolio is delivering a weak 5-6% annually on average. At the same time, the US Dollar is being devalued through inflationary measures such as quantitative easing (QE), eroding purchasing power and undermining investor confidence.

It is war between the Savers and the Speculators, and the Speculators are winning.

The only thing left to do is to develop a smart, reality-based investment strategy using alternative assets and investment techniques. Utilization of our exclusive Proprietary Trading Algorithm, or Computer Trading Robot, which has been automatically taking profitable advantage of exchange rates on major currency pairs over the long-term, will prove to diversify your hibernating "traditional" portfolio and hedge against it with profits of 7-11% monthly and 21-33% quarterly, and we have the track record to prove it.


We cordially invite you to join traders, analysts and risk managers for our seminar on the ins and outs of our investment strategy and learn a whole new perspective on how to profit in FOREX!!

The areas covered will be:

• Discover how to trade currencies successfully -- like the pros
• Uncover profitable strategies to help you make more money with our Proprietary Trading Algorithm, using the MT4
• Receive personal training and guidance to profit from your trading skills
• Get your trading questions answered and immediately apply what you've learned
• Network with investors and traders at your experience level and higher
• History of the FOREX market
• Why choose FOREX?
• Comparing FOREX to equities
• How money is made and lost in FOREX
• Market hours
• Currency pairs
• Spreads
• Leverage
• Market orders
• Intro to Technical & Fundamental Analysis

Register now!!

One idea alone could help make you a fortune in this market. It's easy, fast and rewarding.

Interested investors: Please contact 646.480.4888 for registration and venue information and confirmation. There is a $50.00 attendance fee which will be refunded upon the opening of an account and the usual front-end fee of 10% will be waived for accounts funded by attendees. Seating is limited to 12 interested parties ONLY.

Serious inquiries only.