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Good day to all,

Thanks for prompt replies from many of you. I think I will buy this tool for further analysis since there were many good outcomes in the previous years. I'm still considered very new to this and keep trying to find the best strategies that suit to my trading style.

I belief a lot of 1MD fans were or are still doing good with this tool. Based on AZ's information, seems that you have been achieving a great result in the past 1 year. Much appreciate if you would like to share your "enhancement" to me/team with 1MD for better achievements. I would also like to share if I'm able to achieve a bright future in the coming times. Or, you may also drop an email to me at edwin.fu88@gmail.com. I'm currently attached to FXDD Malta and myself is a conservative trader.. :D

Once again, appreciated to all for the info sharing. I love to read this thread. Keep up the good works from everyone. Let's fight for it in the year 2012.

Again, thank you so much...



Hi Edwin,

I've been using 1MD a few weeks now and signs are looking good. Back testing over the past two years has shown less profit then 2009 - 2010 but then the markets have also changed. With the amount of configurable options I'm sure this system can act as a nice grinder slowly building the bank balance. Happy to share results and strategies with 1MD fans out there! jpeake007@gmail.com.

Also enjoyed this thread, thanks to those who contributed. If there's enough interest I'll be happy to start it up again with a 2012 flavour.


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Update 2012

Congratulations to all traders following the proven 1MinuteDaily strategy for years!

(...and not switching from one system to another, or passionately collecting pretty but nasty Forex robots in the meanwhile)

GPB/USD has slowed down and the top performance pair is USD/JPY. By trading both pairs together you get consistent results. This is how diversification works.


Wishing you success!
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I recently returned to this system... I left it when suffering pretty bad period in 2011 but now will give it a try again... Support is still perfect as it used to be those years ago, they reply within 24 hrs. I will use the EA and we will see:)