I just wanted to say that I have been using this service since November and am extremely happy with this Website. Service, information, trading systems, customer support are all 5 stars and then some. I am trading and making money because of the very generous help of the owner, Richard. He has given up so much time and not held back anything. If i need to call him, i can reach Richard anytime. He is serious about making sure his students understand the trading systems and the market in general and equip you with the knowledge needed to be "IN THE GAME". My learning curve was greatly reduced by his ability to teach a winning strategy. And as the market changes so will your method to carve out your slice of the market.

Bottom line. I cannot say enuff good things about 4xworks.com and the owner richard. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My dream was to be able to trade and i am now trading. My account is up 15% in just the last 2 weeks of trading alone. If you read this I know I ask the same questions over and over, and your patience and committment as a teacher is greatly appreciated.

Warm Regrds