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Discuss AdmiralMarkets.com (FxService.com)

General discussions of a financial company
I want to say that I have been trading through Admiral Market Serbia for 3 years and that this brokerage house is one of the best.Very honest with great costumer support.Thanks
im asking to ADMIRAL MARKETS.IN MANAGMET... WITH FBA SUPPORT why you are stop trading before 1 hr of closing market on fridays there is 1hr gap how to leave my open orders in 1hr gap time without my cntrol ha???? yesterday i closed by luck open buy order usdcad.... exact at 22.58 your mt4 stoped at 22.59.59and after im watched alpari mt4 it was running it closed at 23.59.59 1 hr gap happend betwin AM AND ALPARI....!! in the gap time usdcad nearly 15 pipps down.. if i was staying open stage i lost my money after that who is responsebl for my losses tell me.......1 or 2 pipps or k 15 pips is big drdown in 1 hr gap why this is happening i want to know that y u stoping trading b4 1 hr without market closing
I m from Bangladesh and really happy with the support from Bangladesh office.admiral pro account is favorite to me.I like it very much for scalping.thanks admiral markets. And I also stay in Admiral Markets pro account trading system
1.Trading live with Admiral Markets by the australian branch.From the first day of trading i got false DAILY CONFIRMATION emails.Althaugh i deposited 1500$ they keep sending me daily confirmations that lack 1000$. I keep complaining by email by live chat and by phone but their agent named YOSIF NOVICHKOV keeps telling me that they a have a problem which they are going to fix and that i`m not the only one that has this kind of problem [ he says they have about 100,000 traders that have a problem] and that i have to be patient until they fix it. I told him i wil stop trading meanwhile until they fix it and that i`m considering withdrawing my money. After about two weeks that i stopped trading he promissed me that if i trade i will get a real DAILY CONFIRMATION email and not a false one [they used to send daily confirmation every day but then they stopped it and send only if i trade] so i got back trading but the false DAILY CONFIRMATION still continue. After so many emails and promisses nothing changed.This agent was very good at the begining and helped me with technical issues regarding MT5 and answering very quickly to my emails and questions but but it`s allready few weeks i have to chase him because he is answering my emails only after i chat with an agent on the chat [which is also very hard to get] asking help. A few days ago after complaining he emailed me that they know now what the problem is and it has to do with the language on my computer that this changes the DAILY CONFIRMATIONS that it lacks 1 from the account ballance and therefor it lacks 1000$ [ what would he say about all other 100,000 traders mentioned before]. He promissed to get back to me but he didn`t. I never ever had problems regarding numbers on english emails i get. It seems to be an excuse
2. I asked to withdraw 200$ from my account by bank transfer on 07.05.19. On 08.05.19 i got declining email from AM that the documents has to have few things like: Bank statement needs an official stamp from the bank with bankers name, signature, date and title
so i emailed them back that these documents are the same ones that i opened the accout with and they were allready approved and besides that, their agent YOSIF held a remote session with me and approved these documents. So i got afterwards an email that says: Please note that the withdrawal request was fully processed on 2019-05-08. . It is allready 12 days since i asked to withdraw the money but no money arrived in my bank account. I emailed YOSIF last week asking what is going on about the money transfer and about false DAILY CONFIRMATIONS asking him to get back to me but he didn`t.
so i ask you guys: would you consider ADMIRAL MARKETS to be a SCAM?
How long do i have to wait to get my money?
How long do i have to wait until they stop sending me false daily confirmations and stop all excuses?
Do i have to chase their agent so long?
Do you advice me to withdraw my money [hoping they are not thieves] and close the account?

p.s. I was hoping AM is a good broker but i am very very doubtfull now. Please tell me what you think before i post a very bad review here and on other forums.
o.k i want to update that i checked my credit card and now it appears that the money was tranfered to my visa card allthough not yet to my account. it took 12 days till i could see it. wow!!
so now i ask only about the first question. if any progress by AM i will update. I realy want to see that they are honest but the long time it takes with no progress and the change in behave by customer support makes it hard.
Any coments? Maybe you also have same problem with DAILY CONFIRMATIONS?
CCL stock value on Admirals is 100 times higher than in reality.
LOT value is wrong.
I have reported error and they dissabled the old stock and added the new correct.
Now my positions with old stock are frozen.

I wished to correct mistake.
I regret doing this because I have more trouble now.

Admiral Markets can not do job properly themselves without my guiding and management.

Stock climbed up but my profit is frozen and does not move.

I need waste my time again and ask them do job correctly.

- Give me profit according to the latest value.
- !Do not froze stocks until customers closed their positions.
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The proof of market closed during trading hours attached below. ( Do not tell me about 15 minutes delay, I know it)

The proof of two different values of the same stock has been attached below.

Mistakes happen.

But what a company / workers irresposibility just to Dissable the stock with Active postions and happy went to rest on evening.

Not a Serious behaviour !

Give me compensation, I am correcting mistakes instead of you.
And you just dissable my positions with rising profit.


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All above I wrote is wrong.
My fault due to lack of experience of specific details of two different stocks CCL USA and CCL UK. And two different trading times.

The only thing I wrote may be true: wrong contract LOT size is declared 1.
I think it is 0.01

Because of this remaining issue I would not post here. But fpa do not allow to delete the thread. So let it be for educational purposes :)


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