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Discuss Alpari.co.uk

General discussions of a financial company
look what I've found at Alpari's forum.
This message came from the Alpari Support Team:
I realy wish to see a good BB/BO feed using MT4...

At the moment we are working on STP technology for institutional clients. All their orders will go straight to our spoke banks, so there will be very fast (usually less than 100 milliseconds) non-dealing desk execution and our institutional clients will see very tight spreads (approx., less than 1 pip in EURUSD up to 5M under normal market conditions). This will be released very soon.
Alpari (UK) Limited

Hi Everybody

I Opened An Accout With Alpari About 3 Months Ago -all I Can Say Is Alpari Has Problems With Honoring 'take Profit Position',i Experienced This For About 3 Times Within This Short Period.the Most Recent One Happened On The 7th Of July-here Are The Details Of The Trade
Ticket No-1939209
Sold 1.6295
Sl 1.6360
Tp 1.6261

Price Action Got To 1.6254 But My Tp Was Not Triggered

This Is The 3 Time Or More This Is Happening And When One Mails Them They Dont Reply

Pls Am Appealing To Everybody To Be Careful With These People-they Are All A Bundle Of Scam

If I Have To Rate Them I Will Give Them 1 Star
simeon emmanuel,

there spread on EUR/AUD is 10 pips, so the price may of had to move to 1.6251 to trigger your take profit. harsh i know, but little things like this are worth noticing!

Im thinking about getting an account with alpari (UK), I *don't* trade news, but i do trade alot (2-4 a day, 10-20 pips each) which may be classes as scalping.

Also, there T&C's say positions are liquited after 2 days due to them trading in spot forex, can anyone explain this please?



Hey all,

A friend sent me the link to the Alpari(US) site. They have micro trading system on the US side..Has anyone or anyone want to commment on their performance and reviews...I have seen some good stuff on the UK side but havent seen any comments on the US Alpari end. Here is the link. Forex trading with Alpari. Real time foreign exchange trading services. Free forex news, forex charts, analysis. . I am thinking of changing brokers, just wanted peoples thoughts or any suggestions on brokers. I cant decide who to go with..They all have bad and good comments.

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i was considering using these guys since the usa based firm didn't get a good review here. i'm in the US and was concerned about them being in the UK. Does anyone have any opinion regarding this. would it be an issue. i'm starting off in forex and have read the horro stories so i'm doing my homework. i also looked at fxcm who seem ol but the reviews aren't that great.
Unless things have changed, none of the UK brokers accept US clients.

I guess their still annoyed over that little incident back in the 1770's.
Alpari UK New Account Types

Alpari (UK) announces the introduction of two new account types - Micro and Classic.

From the 21st of March 2009, in order to connect to your new server (i.e. Micro or Classic) and access your trading account as usual, you will have to update your login settings in MetaTrader 4.

New settings to access your Trading Account on the New Servers are available here.

( link: Forex with Alpari (UK) - )

We recommend you check if your trading platform has been setup with the latest settings before the market opens on Sunday by starting your MetaTrader platform on Sunday and verifying that you are able to login correctly. To ensure that all clients have no interruption to their trading experience, our customer support staff will be available from 10:00 on Sunday until 22:00 on Monday, to assist everyone who may have a problem.

Should you have any questions, feel free to send an email to support@alpari.co.uk or speak with our client services team on +44 (0)207 – 648 – 4560.

Opening hours: 07.00-22.00 (GMT) Mon-Fri

Phone: +44 (0)20 7648 4580

Email: support@alpari.co.uk

Best regards,

Alpari (UK) Client Services
Alpari vs. LiteForex

Hey All, was hoping some of you more experienced traders could provide some feedback.

I have been playing around with demo acount for about 3.5 yrs off and on, and am finally ready to make a small investment in a live account. I am currently using a scalping EA that primarily trades during the Asian session (not Fap T). I have narrowed my choice down to Alpari UK and LiteForex.

Oviously low spreads are important, but also avoiding as much as possible the anti-scalping stuff that goes on (widening spreads during typical trading times)

Anyhow if any of you have any experience with either of these 2 brokers I would love to hear any feedback you could provide. Obviously I am also open to suggestions if any of you think that there are superior brokers out there that fit my needs, which are:

MT4, low spreads, low min deposit ($300 or less), permit scalping, fast execution etc.

Thanks all
I must say they are great brokers most of the users are very much impressed with the kind of services alpari is proving to its clients In respect of services withdrawal facility, spread features and many more. They provide solution
on phone with any queries and they have always been most helpful and professional. They are the finest brokers till date and brokers who are lacking behind must learn somethings from them.