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Discuss AssuranceFx.com

General discussions of a financial company
Out to lunch...

So first you accuse us of not being in business for 6 years like we repeatedly stated, then you accuse us of having no clients and making up statements, now you're accusing us of posting fake reviews from 3 years ago? Are you serious? You must be really out to lunch if you think we've been monitoring your site for 3 years just so we can post one fake review. Anyhow, I'm sure all these accusations and defaming remarks will be dealt with when we meet in court. Until then I hope at some point you come to your senses.

First you popped up with a brand new website and claimed a 6 year trading history. When asked, you said that you had just decided to develop a web presence. That's a common way for people to fake being experienced.

It turns out that I was wrong about how long you've been trading. If you had bothered to mention your previous website instead of deliberately skipping mentioning it, that could have been taken care of. Judging by the older reviews, your trading has not been very successful. No wonder you wanted to restart with a new website.

After your new site came up, you broke all records for reviews cloaking their true origin.

Now, one of your REAL clients revealed your old website. When the reviews for it were moved over, it turns out that there was a 4 star review left from one if the IPs that you have used to complain to the FPA.

If you take this to court, I'll be happy to show all the evidence to a judge. Then the whole world will see proof of what's been going on.
Libel is a dangerous thing

First of all, the FPA is making wrong assumptions (AGAIN) which speaks volumes about their review process. One can't help but wonder how many times they have to be wrong to learn from their mistakes?!? The initial post for our company was made by John Gervais who is my business partner. We combined our businesses in late 2010 to form AssuranceFX and hence we made a new website. Up until that point John did not have a web presence at all and forexforecasts.net is a more suitable name for a company that was providing forex signals (which is how I started my business many years ago) thus that domain was not appropriate for our new business venture. Secondly, had you said that the supposed "fake" review came from 6 months ago or even a year ago I would have suggested that it's possible that the review came from our location (due to the fact that I get visitors all the time and they could have easily posted the review while they were here). But the fact that it was submitted 3 years ago makes it virtually impossible since we've re-located twice since then. Your lack of research and obvious prejudice make me realize why I've yet to speak to a single person who has anything positive to say about your website (or should I say website"S", forexbastards and the many others). You will be held accountable for all these false accusations and we will be exhausting all possible means to bring you to justice. If you can't be held accountable before a judge then you will most certainly be held accountable before God on judgement day. You would think that a person who's in the business of providing reviews would be smart enough to ensure that they don't write anything that would be construed as libelous. It seems that you aren't even remotely familiar with this concept and it's become quite obvious that you have absolutely no professional training in what you do.

P.S. Don't think that deleting any of your previous posts will do you any good as they've already been documented and recorded by the necessary people. Also, don't unban our previous ID's in order to show that you don't filter your reviews and posts, again all of it is already documented.
P.P.S We have already come to learn your REAL name and your REAL address but we are going to respect your decision to be anonymous since you mentioned before that you have people who may want to harm you.
First, you came in like a brand new company and got a pile of fake 5 star reviews. Neither you or your reviewers could keep your stories straight about just who was or wasn't a client. Later, a reviewer pointed out that you had another website that didn't have such good reviews so I merged them. You need to be more careful with those dedicated IP addresses at one of the locations you like to send emails and reviews from.

I see you are so slow that you really believe conspiracy theories about the renaming of Forex Bastards to Forex Peace Army. That was widely announce when it happened. All the reviews left at FB were transferred over to the FPA. There's never been any attempt to hide it. You should have followed this example when you rebranded your company instead of trying to start with a clean slate.

Over 15 months later and you still haven't gotten around to filing your promised libel suit. You also never sent an email to back up your claim that you know my real name and address. Its obvious that you don't have any confidential information about the FPA or its employees. You also don't have any grounds to file a court case. Your threats are all hollow.

Some good came from your failed attempts to spam the reviews. I use your review page to teach new review moderators how to watch out for companies that try to leave fake reviews.
Google's webmaster tools shows something interesting. On January 27, 2011, someone attempted to report both the AssuranceFx.com review page and this discussion thread to Google and have it put under Google's safesearch filtering. Someone doesn't want this thread or the review page to be easy to find.

Khalid Rizk's last post in this thread was on January 24th, 2011. I'm sure the timing must just be a coincidence. :)

25+ months and still no lawsuit.