(Gregory White)


any experiences with autosignalspro (ASP)?

the owner of autosignalspro claims, go let 7 traders compete against each other and he will filter always the best signals from them to copy those signals with his ASP-EA (in Metatrader) on his clients accounts. on his site: AUTOSIGNALSPRO #1 Automated'Expert'Trading Domination he claims:

"As soon as a lucrative trade is made, that signal is directly transmitted to our server which then takes the trade and instantly replicates it for you.
This is in effect even if your computer is turned off and you’re on vacation, and it happens all in just a few milliseconds. "

I am not so sure, if computer can be really turned off. then, the mt4 would not be able to receive the signals of asp anymore. so i think, this is just a lay to get more curious customers on ASP?

he started his "live-account", (you will not monitor it live but with a delay of some days) with deposit of usd 5.000 and started trading with 0.1 lot. there are trades as long as roughly 1 month, but most trades are just day or two. loss can be astonishing 400 usd but this happened in several month only 2 or 4 times.
the broker, where he runs his mt4-trading-report, could be a russian one, i don't know this company and i dont put any trust in them running a ""-site. maybe, the data of the last month until oktober 2011 are faked by fxcompany and ASP. the next few month will show up, if this system really is profitable. be careful!

Veronica Hilley

I have been trying to get a hold of them since the 4th of Nov., sending emails again and again and NEVER any response! I even gave them my phone number just in case, and nothing...probably another scam?