Beating the Markets with Binary Options Trading

Oren Laurent CEO
At times of low interest rates and high market volatility, people often look for alternative ways of making their money work harder. Traditional savings accounts may carry interest rates that are lower than the rate of inflation, meaning your money loses value every year. Putting your money into stocks can generate income from dividend payments and high growth but you also risk losing everything if a stock crashes.

High Returns and Limited Risk

Many investors see binary options trading as a realistic alternative to other forms of investment. It offers the prospect of making high returns very quickly, with a 75% return on a one hour option being quite achievable. At the other extreme, it allows traders to limit their losses since the amount is known when the option is purchased. Traders can profit from stocks, commodities and other assets without having to actually purchase them, so they’re limiting the amount of investment they have to make.

One of the other big attractions of binary options trading is its simplicity. Traders only have to make a prediction that a price will be higher or lower than its current level at a given time. If they’re correct, they win, otherwise they lose. There are other variations possible but, at its simplest, that’s all there is to binary options trading — choose an asset, select the way its price will have moved by a certain time and decide how much you want to stake on your prediction. Then await the outcome and, if you’re correct, collect your reward.

Information Needs

You can have several options running at the same time, all of limited duration, so you stand to gain high returns in a short period with minimal risk. Although it all sounds straightforward, you do need to research your assets, keep track of prices and be aware of information that is likely to affect those prices. As a leading provider of binary options trading technology, Banc De Binary has all this information and more on its website (Banc De Binary - It also provides help and advice to new and experienced traders.