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Discuss BinaryOptionsExposed.com

General discussions of a financial company
I joined them on 5 July 2012 to do Auto Trading and was directed to their partner Option-World.com.
deposited $10000 and received a bonus of $10000. The bonus had to be traded x30 ie $300,000 to be able to withdraw. Their AT trading was erratic as well as non communication of the results. I complained several times and they then disconnected me from AT and said I had to trade via the BinaryOptions signals. This I did to my detriment as it is impossible to act on their strike signals on time with Skype internet delays. Anyway, I traded the $300K and am left with a balance of $7307.85. I have applied for the withdrawal of this on some 10 occasions now and they just ignore my emails. They don't even answer their telephone numbers. In addition, Option-World offered a free Ipad which has still not been received. They are registered in Cyprus but are not regulated and their Agreement is only subject to litigation in the British Virgin Islands. Wow ! Obviously this is just another SCAM !
Hi Vincent

I joined them mid dec 2012 with about 33k and they also gave me 33k bonus

within the first week before christmas n new year break - my account was up 20%

You are right about access but they gave me access on friday and was able to check my acccount on 2 week ends to over the new year.

hope to see how it does this week and i will report back for fellow traders

for your info i am dealing with susan

she has been fairly good in terms of response which i got all the way up to christmas day then she went for a break which she informed me ahead and got back on 2nd of Jan 2013.

will revert by end this week.

Hi Vincent

Yes trading on your own is definitely dangerous and can draw on your acct

I am on auto trade from the start.

Just an idea maybe you should ask them to put you on auto trade

John Chin 29,
Before you dare to make suggestions to others on how they should trade on a criminal enterprise website, I recommend you post your own experience here for all to assess.
No summaries, just hard detailed statements including deposit and withdrawal proofs with identitiy. Otherwise, crawl back under your rock.
I have my eye on you.
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164
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Autotrade with a company that won't process withdrawals? What are you smoking?

Why not just pile all the money in your fireplace and burn it? At least you'd get some useful warmth out of it.
Hi Guys

I finally made a report to the CFTC on binary exposed

They are reaally a big scam ???

Stay away

If any one out there knows how to recover your money please let me know


Hi Anthony

Can you advise on my options to get my funds back ?

been trying for months to contact them but they ignored me

I have filed with CFTC