฿ Bitcoin BTC/USD Daily Video, July 26, 2021

Sive Morten

Special Consultant to the FPA
Guys, sharp reversal starts a bit earlier than we've suggested and price already stands at K-support. So, let's wait a bit more before taking long position and see what will happen there.

Brett Reynolds

Sergeant Major
Hmm! Well i would like to 'Get Excited as my Crypto Portfolio is down 60% since the highs of April.! :oops:
But...as i always said..'No worries'..this money..just sits right where it is...for now...maybe 5-10years..!
Anyway..Bitcoin..! It has been soooo Boring watching this chart..but now..BIG Move! BUT is it Fake..! I think we have Double Repo 'Buy'..Lookalike on Daily chart..and yes.. a nice Rally back up to 61.8 or somewhere around $45K is possible...BUT i won't be buying 'any more crypto 'just yet'!! The weekly is really 'oversold'..but when i look at the Monthly...Indicators..then i get 'much more excited...if i see Bitcoin 'Retest' $20K.!! :cool: